The Value of Failure

The Value of Failure

January 21, 2015 Advice Failure Success 0

We learn much more from our failures than we do from successes.

Don’t get me wrong – I love success.

To have an award on a shelf.

It’s a pat on the back and a fist bump.

It’s a great story we share with friends.

But it doesn’t last.

When it’s over, we have to start all over again. We have to find our next success.

And that’s where failure comes in.

In between our successes in life, we make mistakes.

We fail.

We crash and burn.

And in those moments of struggle, we learn.

We are forced to think of new ideas. To see things for a fresh perspective. To dig deeper.

We tap into our creativity reserves.

We read and research and share ideas and collaborate and mash up new ideas from existing solutions.

We find new answers to the problems we can’t solve.

We work hard.

And eventually, next week or next year, we find our next success.

Some spend a lifetime repeating the successful move over and over, even though it stopped working.

Failure offers us opportunities to learn and grow.

We have to learn to appreciate failure.

To handle it with grace.

To know it’s going to happen eventually, because no one can keep up the winning streak forever.

Successful people fail just as often as you and I. They just deal with it better. They expect it. They learn from it. And they keep moving forward.

Don’t define yourself by your failures. Define yourself by what you do with your failures.


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