Other Writing Services

Sometimes you have a unique project that requires a writer with unique expertise.

With over 20 years of writing experience, chances are I’ve worked on a project that includes the type of writing you need. Here are just a few of the other writing services I offer to help you put your best foot forwards.  



Anyone can use PowerPoint. Not everyone can create a great presentation.

From organizing your content to refining your message to editing and designing the final deck, I can make you look like the expert you know you are.  Starting with an understanding of your goals and audience, we’ll work together to create the perfect presentation deck (and speaker’s notes, if you need to perfect the speech to go with it). We can also practice your presentation together, with feedback and tips for keeping the listeners on the edge of their seats. 


Video Scripts

Viewers have short attention spans, which means that writing a video scipt is uniquely different from every type of writing for any other medium. A successful video needs to seemlessly integrate the voice over with text and imagery on the screen while remaining highly engaging at all times. I can write a video script for you that uses brand voice and style to share your message and keep your viewers watching until the very end. Whether you need an explainer video to describe how your product works, a kick-ass motivational video for your sales kick off meeting, a simple video advertisement, a recruitment video for your organization, or a trailer promoting your upcoming event, I can help you start with the right script. 


Training and Educational Courses

Training can boost your bottom line in ways you may not have considered. Organizations that provide new employees with the right training can get them onboarded and working productively faster than companies that skip this step. Making sure your existing employees educated on the newest technologies and methodologies will help provide them improve on their old routines and processes, and prevent them from getting stuck in a rut.  Your clients need training too, from short informational videos explaining how to use your product or service, to an instructional series of live or online courses designed to offer certification.


Technical Writing and Documentation

Technical writing isn’t sexy, but it is a crucial part of every healthy, efficient organization. It’s up to you to communicate effectively both internally and outside your organization, and it’s been proven that good documentation will make your employees and customers happier and more loyal. I can help you revise and update existing docs, or create new ones, including easy-to-read user guides, useful FAQs, organized online help with realistic meta-data, and engaging instructional videos. I frequently update support websites, and I use illustrations, images, and diagrams to increase comprehension and break down information into digestible steps.

 I can write traditional technical manuals, but I can also help you identify which areas of your user experience may need alternative types of support, such as

  • Infographics, illustrations, charts, and diagrams
  • Step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting guides
  • User manuals
  • Quick start set-up guides
  • Online help
  • Instructional videos
  • Knowledge base support
  • Customer support telephone scripts
  • FAQs
  • Terms and Conditions, and other legal documentation

If you need documentation or technical writing, I can help. I approach each project from the point of view of the user or reader, not the engineer or tech support specialist. Your users need information they can understand, and you need to increase the number of satisfied clients, and reduce the number of support calls.



Great proposals have the right balance of inspirational ideas and cold-hard facts to prove you’re the best choice. A tight, solid pitch shows your understanding of your potential client’s needs, and explains how a partnership with you is beneficial for them. If you need a new business pitch, a multi-level sales deck, or an RFP, I can create a proposal that is concise, informative, and expresses your passion and expertise in concrete terms. Let me help you land the sales, clients, and projects you deserve. 


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