Writer of Web Content, Marketing Collateral, Social Media Posts, Documentation, and Lunchbox Notes

Adina_New2_WebsitePic_smI am a writer, but there’s a lot more to writing for business than just putting words together.

I am a project manager, a content strategist, a social media manager, an advertising copywriter, and user documentation specialist. I understand customer behavior and the value of the user experience. I can write web copy with a compelling emotional hook and SEO keywords and phrases. I use analytics data, research, and best practices to “get the job done,”  whether writing customer service emails, managing a corporate Facebook page, or helping organizations brand themselves.

I have a talent for taking a complicated topic and explaining it clearly, in just a few words or sentences, with an emphasis on why the audience should care.

Whether you need to sign up more customers, promote a discount, or get users to update their app, I can help you make sure the right people are hearing your message and acting on it.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Boston University, and a Master’s degree in Education from Duquesne University. I have 15+ experience writing for business. I’ve worked for small and large businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations. I’ve managed people, run large projects myself, and worked with groups across multiple departments. I can talk to CEOs, managers, and even understand engineers.

Want to see if I’m the right person for the job? Contact me!

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